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Q&A Interview with Tom Bee

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Best Native American restaurants in Albuquerque

The Interview with Notah Begay

“What’s the most confusing holiday on the rez? Father’s Day!”

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Q&A Interview with Raymond Chee Sr

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Recognizing Singers & Songmakers
in the Native American Church

With emotion, grace and honor, these Native American Church vocalists create vocal harmonies to carry on these traditions threw song.

We love to recognize these awesome talented individuals and put the spotlight on them with respect and say thank you for your courage and strength in sharing and spreading the beauty of our NAC way.

May you all of you continue with success in education, family life, health, and tradition. Aho. More on this story..

Debut Album & Single from Northern Ontario Rock Band

Attawapiskat ON (August 8, 2013) --
Not many bands play their very first show opening for legendary Canadian rockers like Trooper. But then again, not many bands are quite like Midnight Shine.
The first single is Since You Been Gone, being released in August. The three-minute tune penned by Sutherland has ‘rock radio’ written all over it. It’s sure to be a sweet surprise to music directors across Canada when they hear it for the first time. It’s a song they can take a real shine to.
Read about Midnight Shine

Native Women’s Health: What every Native man should know
By: Shelley McKosato-Haupt
Fitness Instructor

Being a healthy, strong, positive Native woman requires a lot more than just going to the gym! It requires a whole being – which is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It requires a positive and harmonious environment.  It requires a safe and secure resting place. It requires good live food to nourish the body. It requires encouragement, meditation, peace, motivation, self-discipline, commitment, trust, simplicity, joy and most of all desire! more on this story

Native Men’s Magazine had a Q&A Interview with three beautiful Native Women; At the same time celebrating the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and NMM asked them, “What are some basic knowledge
Native Men should know about
Native Women?”
These were a few answers we got.

1. If I want my space, I want my space.

2. I don’t want space.

3. If I don’t want sex, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

more on this story

Life is Sacred: Suicide and Native People

Elder Abuse in Indian Country – Breaking the Silence

Real Warriors - Native Fatherhood

“Rush Compliment Syndrome.”

..sleeping with someone’s husband does not make you the “better woman.”

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The Native Industrial Man

Ironworker Tool Store - Huge Selection

American Welding Society

Pipefitter Apprentice Training

Industrial Supply Company
Ironworker Tools, SLC, Utah

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Great Coffee & Breakfast
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